Today I am unboxing and playing around with my Tina Nendoroid #428 from Good Smile Company.

Tina is from the visual novel ‘Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki’ , which was only released in Japan though there is a translation patch being worked on unofficially. When I purchased this figure I knew nothing about her other than I thought she looked adorable and I had to have her, lol. I find a lot of times when I am browsing figures I will end up learning about an anime or visual novel I would have never checked out otherwise and this VN does actually look pretty good so I am looking forward to that fan patch.


On to the unboxing, you can see she comes in a standard size Nendoroid box and has some really cool accessories that caught my eye. Her giant scythe being the obvious standout, it looks like it is made from a tree that is wrapping around this semi transparent blade with a ribbon tied around it. Very interesting weapon and looks really awesome. Also we have the standard 2 extra faces and multiple arm/hand variations and some wings!


By the way guys have you seen my cat?


Really I mean he was just here a minute ago….


He’s on my head isn’t he…


Also I appear to have just grown wings… what!?


Haha, Tina is a little bit ditsy…

As you can see the cat is perfectly shaped to sit easily on her head or stand on its own, really nice touch. You can never have enough cats on top of heads!


Overall I think Tina is a really fun figure and comes with some great accessories. Good Smile Co. really has come a long way since the early nendoroids and the quality improvements just keep coming. Do you guys end up buying figures just because they look awesome even if you don’t know the character?  Let me know in the comments and be sure to follow on social media, thanks for reading! =)

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