Well I was planning on doing a shoot with the sailor outfit next but Mirai’s cute little bunny dress seemed fitting for all the snow we got up here.  I got this outfit off M + V Studios along with a bunch of other stuff which I will be showing you soon. Finding Smart Doll clothes can be a pain since it’s a new doll and doesn’t have a huge following like Dollfie Dream. A lot of Dollfie clothes will fit Smart Doll but you have to be careful with tight fitting clothes. I am really happy with this outfit though,it is very well made. The interior is all white lined and the outside feels like a nice fluffy blanket. The back of the dress has a white zipper that seems pretty sturdy. The dress was a bit tight on Mirai, in fact I had to change her from her usual large bust to her small bust to get her to fit.


DSC_0008 (2) DSC_0009 (2) DSC_0009 DSC_0010 (2) DSC_0010 DSC_0015 (2) DSC_0019 (2) DSC_0020 (2) DSC_0021 (2) DSC_0022 (2) DSC_0026 (2) DSC_0028 (2) DSC_0031 DSC_0032 DSC_0036 DSC_0037


Where have you been finding clothes for your Smart Doll? Let me know in the comments =)


  1. this quite ero-cute XD, i wonder is there sort of wire inside the bunny ear ? so we can make it stand somehow ?

    • Anime Shutterbug

      Well this outfit was made for a DD-L supposedly, but I had to switch Mirai from her large bust to her default small bust just to get her to fit in this lol. It also would barely get over her butt, was worried she was not going to fit but I made it happen! haha. Yeah I wish the ears could stand up on their own, I am not good at sewing so I’m afraid to try it myself.

  2. what website did you get the clothes on, and with bjd clothes fit, im going to save my money for a smart doll

    • Anime Shutterbug

      Hi Jaime, I have a link right at the top of the post for the store these clothes are from. I hope you can get a Smart Doll soon they are great!

  3. im saving up my money to buy one

  4. Hi 😀 hey i don’t know how buy on taobao :’c im living in the United States and i really want that cute outfit for my Mirai :’c what can i do?

    • Anime Shutterbug

      You can use a proxy service like https://www.bhiner.com/ that simplifies ordering and you pay them a small fee to do all the work for you. Its worth it since taobao has such good prices compared to volks

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