I have been eyeing up the Cu-Poche line of figures for some time now and finally decided to take the plunge. They are a relatively new line of figures made by Kotobukiya as a direct competitor to the ever popular Nendoroid brand. They are a chibi style figure with good poseability, cute accessories, and swappable face plates. One of their signature featues is the magnetic base, the figures have small but powerful magnets in their feet so you can pose them without needing the plastic stand stuck into their back.

Today I will be reviewing the Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh! a very popular character from the show and card game. I got this from Hobby Search, they are having a great sale and I picked up this figure and a bunch of other Cu-Poche stuff at a great price, lets take a look at the loot haul!

A bit of a teaser there as I did not break out that super cute looking cat hoodie outfit and the other figures yet but I will be showing them off this week. ^.^

The packaging is pretty much the same as Nendoroid, the see though panel on the front lets you see exactly what you’re getting. This figure comes with 3 faces, 6 hands, 2 “Magic Cylinders”, a wand, and a spellbook for accessories, as well as Nenroroid style plastic stands and a really cool claw stand that lets you get creative with holding up whatever else you would want. Also the book fully opens and closes and they give you a nice zip lock bag to put all your extra pieces in, nice touch!

So lets get to some high res photos! (Click the pics for gallery view)

As you can see she is very pose-able, the longer jointed legs allow for a bit more variation than Nendoroids while still keeping that super cute chibi feel. You can see at the end Yoshino decided to join us and though our Cu-Poche is larger she can still interact with Nendoroids and not feel out of scale.


So after the photoshoot we cleaned up for the day and our Dark Magician Girl left. But where did she go, should we follow her?


I see her now deep in the woods, wait what is she doing?  She’s casting a spell!


She said something about a ‘Summoning Spell’ and was chanting… wait something is happening!

Sayaka Miki appeared!  I dont think this was her intended result…


Sayaka: You have cast your last spell witch, ready your wand!


This is about to get R-rated we better get out of here!


Well I think the Cu-Poche line is looking pretty awesome!  A lot of pose-ability, great details and paint, and cool characters and accessories. Kotobukiya is also releasing some cute accessory kits like clothing and mini display sets. The line is still pretty new but is growing fast with a lot of popular characters coming out soon. What do you think, do you prefer them over Nendoroids?  This week I will be taking a look at the compatibility with Nendoroid heads, faceplates, and other parts, make sure you follow on social media so you don’t miss out!


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