I designed Anime Shutterbug to bring the beautiful world of anime to life through photography. Anime & video games are both a huge part of my life and this blog will be my creative outlet for the inspiration they bring me. I will be posting reviews & detailed photoshoots of my anime figures and also giving you a look into the world of customize-able Japanese ball-jointed dolls. Whether you are an experienced figure collector, anime fan, or gamer I hope my photo stories will keep you entertained.

I am 31 years old, I live in NJ, and am happily married to an amazing wife that puts up with my obsessions. I have been a gamer my whole life, since receiving my first NES at 3 years old, and a huge fan of anime & manga. I first got into figure collecting about 15 years ago and to see how big the hobby has become is really amazing. Last year I started to get into photography around the same time I got my first anime doll, Mirai Suenaga, a Smart Doll by Danny Choo. Seeing the photos people were posting of her online was inspiring, it was like having your own anime character to pose and photograph as you like in real life!  I instantly fell in love with the hobby of ball-jointed dolls and taking photos of my figure collection soon followed.

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