Well first off I know it has been quite a while, sorry! I was kind of waiting for all Shia’s parts to roll in and there were a few complications but she is 95% complete! I feel like a custom doll is almost never “done”, or if you do reach that point it takes a lot longer than you think. So I decided she is complete enough to be shown off! =) Here is Shia Flatpaddy my custom Dollfie Dream!


She is gorgeous as you can see! I did not get the ears / tail yet but I am having them custom made and should be getting them this week. The wig I am still fighting with styling, it kind of likes to just go where it wants to and will need some work. Since I am using a SQ-Labs head which is actually slightly smaller than a DD, i shouldve gotten the next wig size down which would be a 7-8, instead of the usual DD size which is 8-9.5 . So unfortunately this wig is slightly too large, I am going to try using a silicone wig cap to bulk her head up a bit and see if that helps. It’s not terrible but its something I want to eventually fix.


DSC_0292 DSC_0296 DSC_0298

I am really happy with how her faceup / wig / eyes interact color-wise. It really is a good pairing and is pretty true to the original character she is modeled after, created by the artist Syroh. His artwork has been a favorite of mine for years and you may already know this from my previous post about Shia which details my creation and ordering of parts to make this doll.


DSC_0325 DSC_0316 DSC_0310

I did make quite an error in not realizing the head I ordered from SQ-Labs was actually in white skin, and the DDdy body & peach pai plus were both in normal skin. Though its not super noticable you can see the skin tone difference. I will eventually be looking into getting a white skin body to match as I really like the tone of the head and would rather keep her lighter skinned. Of course there was only 1 model of pure white DDdy ever made which is White Christmas version Alna. This is kind of a rare doll and just to get her body would be pretty expensive… oh well it’s something to look forward to eventually. This body can always become a new girl =)


DSC_0322 DSC_0328

I really am just in love with this girl even with the flaws that are my fault. Her face is just perfect, really love the sculpt and the faceup is just a perfect cheery / cute loli! <3  I of course will be taking lots more pictures for you guys and I wont take 2 weeks to post again I promise! Getting into the Overwatch beta has been very disruptive to my life cause it’s so goddamn addicting! lol

In closing I would like to say if you are thinking about making your own custom doll and you are really getting into using different vendors, custom parts, etc. , like I did. Then you need to double and triple check every part to make sure it is compatible and to make sure its all going to match up the way you want it to. It can be hard especially since we need to order from sites in other languages just go get what we want sometimes, but you can always ask me or ask the helpful folks over at dollfiedreams.com to help. Here are a few bonus pics of before her proper wig arrived, she was wearing the extra silver wig I had lying around, and she actually looked damn cute in it!  These are the kind of random pics I usually post on social media so follow me for more! (btw Shia’s ass is a bit bigger than Mirai’s and she ended up ripping a few stitches out of these shorts..)

DSC_0232 DSC_0231 DSC_0238



  1. Congratulations on your first custom and first Dollfie Dream, she looks quite lovely! Really cute ~ヾ(^∇^).
    The face is super adorable with the fangs, also the eyes suit her super nicely, I’m sure you will be able to take lots of sweet (and sexy XD) pictures with her. I find the DDdy body very appealing in general, also nice boobs ;p. The skin difference is still acceptable I think

    regarding the hair Tangle Teezer is the best wig brush I used on my girls , I would recommend it ^^

    • Anime Shutterbug

      Yeah it would’ve been a lot easier for me to go with a standard DD or DDS body since the white bodies for them are easier to find but the curves on the DDdy are just perfect. Also the thighs on the normal DD have this weird inward curve near the crotch that I dont like.

      Yeah I have a detangling brush that works well but I find this wig just likes to curve and curl in certain directions. I will probably need to do some kind of heated straightening to get it in shape

  2. Archeotech

    How cute! ^_^ Congrats on getting her.

    I usually avoid getting many drill or curly wigs as very hard to maintain. I mostly use a basic toothbrush to brush my wigs with some Volks wig oil. Helps fight frizz. 🙂

    With some wigs they purposely give you a longer fringe so don’t be afraid to give a very slight trim (always cut up and never across for more natural cut. watch some tutorials first). Typically though the eyebrows are usually mostly covered unless partings in the fringe.

    • Anime Shutterbug

      Yeah I did some slight styling with volks wig wax on her bangs but I need to trim the sides a little and work on that more. Its scary cutting the wig, if you mess up it wont grow back! lol.

      The bottom could probably use a slight trim too, it is slightly too long. The little pigtail sections are clip ons which makes them easy to style

  3. Congrats!! She looks very adorable and I love her hands >w< I'm still working on finding stuff to assemble my own DD, but it's coming along~

    • Anime Shutterbug

      Thank you =) Yeah it’s definitely a process but worth it in the end when you can finally hold your creation in your hands

  4. Very awesome, Cute gorgeous fangs XD

  5. kawaii

  6. kawaii doll

  7. Where did you get your peach pai from? Was it from wersaze or rajikaru?

  8. How’s it going? Ehem..where did you get the cute wig from ?

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