Soft squishy boobies for my Smart Doll?? Yes they now exist!  The company Wersaze now makes a silicone bust specifically for smart doll similar to the popular Peach Pai for Dollfie Dreams. I am among the first to pick one up and after trying it out for a couple weeks I have a great review for you guys. The official smart doll busts are very nice but one of the great things with a soft bust is that you can squish it into tight clothing and have a push up cleavage effect. This also lets you use a wider variety of clothing sizes as it doesn’t need to fit 100% perfect since there is now some give to the bust. I’ll let Mirai show you the finer details herself. For reference before Mirai changes into her new silicone bust, she is wearing her official large smart doll bust.


DSC_0342 DSC_0343 DSC_0346

This bust is roughly the same size as the smart doll large bust, and its squishy! You can see in the next pictures it has an internal shell that keeps the inner skeleton from harming the silicone. Also it keeps the jelly-like implants from coming out of the breast area. Compared to a peach pai this is a little more firm and has a bit more spring to it when you squish it.  If you keep tight clothes on them they expand back to normal size very quickly.


Here are some shots of Mirai with her large bust on, then some similar angles of the new silicone bust. By the way I painted the Smart Doll bust myself using pastels, though I think I oversealed it since you can see a little bit of clear specks from the sealer. Oh well it was my first time =p


If you are looking at the photos in high res you will probably notice the silicone bust has some dust specks on it, it came like this in the package. Unfortunately silicone does attract does very easily and needs to be cleaned once a month if you are keeping your doll out on display. The bust needs to be rinsed off with water, though this causes the silicone to become almost sticky. You then need to lightly powder the bust with either baby powder or corn starch which gives the bust a smooth clean look and makes it not sticky.

Now for the fun part, see how they squish!


The skin tone is not a perfect match but it is close enough. I tried to keep this photos as nearly raw as possible, minimal editing, to show you the true colors of the product.


Mirai is modeling her new outfit from TC Doll, an amazing doll clothing maker that I highly recommend. He makes clothes for DD & Smart Doll girls with an emphasis on sexy, as you can see =)


Overall I really love this bust! The versatility you gain by having a soft bust and being able to wear a bunch of different clothes that may not fit exactly right on a solid hard bust is huge! This bust is very well made, the seams are not very noticeable and the inner shell gives a great protection that the Peach Pai is lacking. The silicone seems sturdy and so far has shown no signs of ripping, of course you do need to be more careful with it than with a normal vinyl bust. The only trade-off for the great look is the cleaning maintenance and the fragility of the silicone but as long as you take care of it properly you shouldn’t have any problems.

As always feel free to ask me any questions you have and follow me on social media as I update those much more often! Thanks for reading!


  1. Raymond koh

    Does the head shake? I have the peah pai and the head shakes.. Could be because peach pai is designed for Dd and Mirai has a thinner neck.

    If it does it may look into getting this in future.

    • Anime Shutterbug

      The head doesnt shake at all, the smart doll frame fits very nicely with this bust. I would say the smart doll / wersaze combo is a lot more balanced and lighter than the DD/peach pai.

  2. Francisca Dollymoe

    Great! I would like a bust for DDdy body, besides joints of wrists and also high heels, I want to raise the money, I’m from Chile (South America) but I have a box in Florida can pay by PayPal, I wonder if could be sent my post office box <3

    • Anime Shutterbug

      I would be able to ship to florida for you. As long as your PO box normally accepts packages it shouldnt be a problem. I will be likely putting in the order in about 1-2 weeks based on the interest i receive.

      • Francisca Dollymoe

        Thank you very much! I have sent many things to my PO box without problems, I hope to have the money ready for when the order is made!

  3. I interested please tell me how to order

  4. Oh haha thank you for testing it for us ^^ the boobs fit nicely on the SmartDoll frame and the squishyness looks appealing. I like the peach pai nipples a bit more, but the inner cage is a good feature here to give the silicone more support. I “modded” a MDD bust for my Dollfie with peach pai as support ^^

    Your Mirai always looks so cute, maybe your batch received more blush make up than mine ;D
    I also like the great looking outfit, it’s so cool and also sexy.

  5. Very interested, do you know if they have any plans to release the bust in tan to match smart doll Ebony?
    If so I’ll definitely be getting one.

  6. Hi the doll with the pink hair and striped dress is really cute! Where is she from? And is she also wearing the silicone bust?

    • Anime Shutterbug

      Hi Amber, she is my custom Dollfie Dream Dynamite wearing a silicone “Peach Pai” bust by Rajikaru. Glad you like her, I am going to be adding a lot more pictures soon Ive been slacking on the site hehe

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