I was really happy when Alter announced this Hyperdimension Neptunia figure of Black Heart / Noire in CPU form. She is one of my favorite characters of the series, a super cute tsundere with attitude to spare and a giant sword. This was the first figure I ever pre-ordered and of course there was a delay of about a month from her announced release date, but it was worth the wait. I will show you why…


This Black Heart figure is beautifully sculpted by Aketagawa Noboru & the color design is from Watanabe Takamasa. Takamasa was really on point this year with another amazing release this past October the 1/8 Scale Kirisaki Chitoge from Nisekoi.


She is listed as a 1/7 scale though I feel she is a bit closer to 1/6 scale compared to other manufacturers. Make sure you have plenty of space to display her as her wings stick out pretty far in the back and her giant sword doubles the length she would take up on a shelf without it. See my Fate Testarossa Nendoroid hanging out with Black Heart for scale.


I thought it was a nice touch that Alter included an alternate hand you can swap out which has her right hand in a fist in case you don’t want to display her with the sword.Though the visual impact of the sword is definitely worth the extra space she takes up.


The attachment to the base feels very sturdy with thick pegs securing the foot to the base, I don’t think this figure will have any trouble with leaning over time. The jumping battle pose really brings the figure to life and makes her stand out.

DSC_0037 DSC_0016 DSC_0031

The only downside to this figure is that putting it together was a pain! The 6 wings in particular were quite annoying to get into place properly. They all have small tabs that insert into slots that are hidden within Black Heart’s hair. The hair itself has some give to it so it makes it hard to get a good push on the tabs. Also one of my tabs was just too big and literally would not fit into the designated slot so I had to use a hobby knife to shave it down a little before it would fit in.


The detail work on this figure is really top notch, her floating power armor pieces blend perfectly into the figure. Not to mention she was really fun to photograph with all the depth of field opportunities! =)


This figure is easily one of the most visually striking among my collection, the attention to details & paint job are really impressive.  As usual Alter lives up to their name of making god tier figures. I give this Black Heart figure a 10/10, if you are a fan of Hyperdimension Neptunia it is a must have!

I ordered this figure from www.amiami.com for 15,000 JPY and it looks like it is still available as of this post.


  1. I hardly know Hyperdimension Neptunia, but I liked the figures design on first sight, Black Heart looks amazing ヾ(^∇^) It’s nice that ALTER included another right hand, it looks good with sword, but sometimes you want a more space saving pose haha.

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