The Winter Wonder Festival 2016 aka ‘Wonfes’ has just concluded in Japan and there were some suprising figure reveals! Some sculpts that were revealed earlier in 2015 were now shown with fully painted prototypes as well. I know my preorder list just got a bit bigger, lets take a look at some of the figures I am excited to see coming out this year. I hope your wallet is ready..


Edna from Tales of Zestiria – Alter

Edna has been revealed with a full paint job and wow did it turn out amazing! The colors are vibrant with some really nice pastel shades that gives the figure a bright and fun look. She is sitting on a rock formation which is fitting seeing as she is an Earth Seraph. I am always happy to see a base that isn’t just a plastic peg and as usual Alter goes the extra mile. I feel that the pose and the look of this figure really portray her character well. She is not yet available for pre-order but I will be keeping an eye on her.






Rise Kujikawa (Arabian Armor ver.) from Persona 4 Dancing All Night – Aquamarine

A new Persona 4 figure debuting in 2016, and it’s my best girl Rise!??  Wow, I am a huge Persona fan and as you can tell I am really excited about this figure! Persona 4 is really lacking in higher quality figures with a lot of them being prize figures, I would love a new P4 scale figure to my collection. Rise is wearing her unlockable Arabian Nights Armor from P4: Dancing All Night and she looks stunning. They did a great job of making the flowing fabric have that lightweight feel and really captured the look of the artwork. Plus have you seen that hip curvature?? Damnnn Rise-chan! This is a definite pre-order for me.




Purple Heart from Hyperdimension Neptunia – Alter

As you guys probably already know from seeing my Black Heart Figure Review I am a big Neptunia fan. This is another great series with a disturbing lack of figures but lately has been seeing some new releases. Can we hope to see all the CPUs in their transformed glory by Alter eventually? The dream is getting closer!

This figure looks to keep the high quality level present in the Black Heart figure and they should look great side by side. Her pose is really nice with an arched back and a sweet looking face. It is definitely more fitting for purple heart to be a little less serious looking than Black Heart. Her armor and hair look nicely detailed and her sword looks pretty badass. My wallet is feeling the burn at this point.



Silica & Pina from Sword Art Online – Broccoli

Silica is easily the cutest girl in SAO and here we get to see the fully painted version of her in her bikini along with Pina! Silica is in her in-game catgirl form which is just extra awesomeness, who doesn’t need more cat girls? I just love everything about the coloring here, her skin tones look awesome, her face is adorable, and Pina is just chillin up top making sure everything is cool. Take my money please.


These figures are really just a tip of the iceberg with 2016 looking like an amazing year for figure collecting. What figures are you guys most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!


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